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This is the shortest section of this document. You just compile the file:
(compile-file "ltk")
and load it:
(load "ltk")
Now ltk is ready to use. For trying out the examples of this document, you might want to change into the Ltk package:
(in-package :ltk)
And to look, whether it works call the test example:
or, for some fun:

To use Ltk you need of course tcl/tk installed. This should be default on most Linux systems, for Windows/Mac OS you need to download and install tcl/tk. Ltk has been tested against Tcl/Tk 8.4, but other versions should work also.

Alternatively, you can use ASDF to load ltk. If you have a symbolic link to ltk.asd in your site-systems directory a simple (require 'ltk) compiles and loads ltk (assuming you have ASDF loaded). And it is even installable via ASDF-INSTALL!

Peter Herth 2006-01-29