digital camera section

It is devoted to photography using digital cameras, something that is really *fun*.

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To start things: here some sample shots done with a Canon Powershot S40:
(images are 1024x768, original are 2272x1704)
Cologne at night:

the street I live in Cologne at night Cologne at night

The Venus transit:

Some lowlight shots:

The last one was taken with this

Some dark clouds.

some dark clouds

I even managed to catch Santa Claus! But well, I thought he would be bigger... that explains I get only so tiny presents...

Look, its Santa Claus!

Leaves are obviously falling:

the leaves are falling...

One of the few nice sunrises showing in a tree:

Trees in the sunrise.

A nice sunny day:

a nice sunny day

Our east-asia museum:

the east-asia museum

The home of the famous 4711:

The home of the famous 4711

A Cologne street:

A Cologne street

A Cologne street

St. Aposteln.:

St. Aposteln

Rudolf's place:

Rudolf's place

The big arena:

The big arena

The river Rhine:

The river Rhine

Rails of the river:

Rails of the river

A ship:

A ship

The Dom:

The Dom The Dom

St. Martin

St. Martin

The traffic sometimes is bad...

St. Martin

In the park

In the park


I feel watched

Katja's wedding

some pictures from todays ride

a gallery

Gallery of 12.10.03

My new bamboo

Pictures from 22 Aug 04
a dig more more

Pictures from München

My new appartment

The alps!

The alps! The alps!

Jupiter and Saturn:

Jupiter Saturn

My newest bamboo:

Pseudosasa Japonica Phyolostachus aureosulcata f. aureocaulis Phyolostachus aureosulcata f. aureocaulis Pseudosasa Japonica storm

Watch it grow...

Pictures from Amsterdam


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